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Joseline Hernandez has her share of fans and detractors alike, and it probably didn’t help matters much after the launch of her Joseline’s Cabaret series. Four women who were dancers on the controversial show launched a lawsuit against Hernandez alleging assault and battery to the tune of $25 million.

TMZ Hip Hop exclusively reports that Hernandez, 35, is being accused of ambushing the dancers and violently beating them, whispers of which were already news to some fans of the series and a recent statement from cast member Amber Ali supports the chatter.

From TMZ Hip Hop:

Four women who say they were dancers on “Joseline’s Cabaret” are accusing her of ambushing them on set, and violently opening a can of whoop-ass. In docs obtained by TMZ, the dancers claim they showed up in high heels for the reunion show taping, but JH was waiting for them with hard-bottom boots and launched an attack.

One woman claims Joseline violently kicked her in the ribs, while another claims Joseline dragged her by her hair and kicked her in the back … while the third dancer alleges Joseline grabbed her by the neck and shoved her to the ground.

There hasn’t been a response to the allegations from Hernandez or her team.

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