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In a day and age where being a rapper is the new American Dream, J. Osceola epitomizes what it means to be a hip-hop artist in the truest form.

Born Jeremiah Willis on January 14th in Columbus, Ohio, J. Osceola was brought into a world of poverty, where his Filipino mother struggled to support him and his siblings. From coping with the hardships of living in a fatherless home to the struggles of trying to survive in various hoods throughout his city, J. was consumed by the street life that surrounded him. It was then that J. discovered how dark and sinister the world could be. While hanging amongst the wrong crowds, J. witnessed everything from drug activity right down to gang violence and murder. It was then that he took a deep interest in sports as well as Hip Hop to occupy his time. He slowly began trying to turn his life around, as he shifted his troubled life-style and energy towards music and basketball. Soon, J started forming his own views of the world around him on Osceola Avenue; thus, the birth of J. Osceola.

Realizing there was more to life than that of his atmosphere, J decided to turn his life around and use his circumstances as the foundation of his music. He decided that rather than glorify the negativity that he survived, J. would use those same experiences to convey a message to his listeners of how he overcame the odds.

Influenced musically by artists such as Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Nas, Wu-Tang, Kanye West, and Lupe Fiasco, J. Osceola has solidified a style and message of his own. In addition, his surroundings, his family, his morals, and his belief in God, complete his circle of influences that drive him to make music that defies the industry standard. J. has discovered how to use his personal point of views to lyrically paint a picture that provides a conscious message to all of his listeners and still gain the respect and street credibility to stand amongst those in mainstream rap. J. Osceola’s work ethic and talent are just a couple reasons why he is gaining the support from local radio stations and publications in his city. The world is in need of a new, inspirational, and innovative voice, and that voice is J. Osceola.