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In the age of the internet, everyone has a video camera to record those moments some would consider funny, and the moments others would consider tearjerkers.

Below is a mix of those from a kid with down syndrome scoring a touchdown,  a soccer player missing one of the easiest goal shots ever, and last but not least, Cleveland fans making their own version of the “What should I do?” LeBron James commercial.

#1 What should I do? Cleveland fans mock LeBron

#2 Roger Federer does a trick shot hitting a bottle off the head of a bystander

#3 The middle school trick play where the QB takes a snap right up the middle and runs for a TD.

#4 Jets coach Sal Alosi trips Dolphins player as he runs on the sideline

#5 DJ Steve Porter remixes all of Randy Moss’ best soundbites.

#6 This is quite possibly the biggest missed goal in soccer history

#7 Brett Favre sings the popular American Idol song “Pants on the Ground” after a Vikings win.

#8 Mascots battle it out at Ohio State v Ohio college football game

#9 College baseball player flies over catcher to be called safe at the plate

#10 Football player with down syndrome scores touchdown

(From YahooSports)

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