Women’s Health

Did you know that today (February 7th) is #NationalBlackHIVAIDSAwarenessDay? Yes, this day is dedicated yearly to promote HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and community involvement in black/African American communities. According to the CDC.org, on this day, individuals and organizations across the nation participate in collective efforts to address HIV.  On the awareness day, many of those […]

According to statistics, two per day are dying from heart attacks. To make matters worse, studies show this pattern is happening unnecessarily. These stats were gathered from women located in England and Wales and its believed this is occurring because of a gender gap in awareness, diagnosis and treatment. The British Heart Foundation (BHF) released […]

This is interesting! Research has consistently shown that lesbians are diagnosed with breast cancer more than other women and they are at greater risk for cancer due to certain stereotypical behaviors, stigma, and socioeconomic status. According to the National LGBT Cancer Network, these behaviors include: Smoking – according to some studies, more lesbians smoke regular tobacco […]

Singer and reality Star KeKe Wyatt and her husband Michael Ford have announced that they are expecting their 9th child. KeKe said:    “My family is excited. We come from big families where I’m from. Everyone knows my work doesn’t stop when I’m pregnant so I’m excited to continue performing and traveling around the world.” […]

  University of South Carolina women’s basketball team climbed over Mississippi State in the national championship game 67-55 for their first championship win in school history. Head coach Dawn Staley becomes the second African-American coach to win a title since NCAA began sponsoring a basketball tournament for women in 1982. Leading the University of Virginia […]

  Plus size model Monica Riley is on the road to setting a new record but not for what you think. She is trying to gain around 400 pounds to be the heaviest woman in the world weighing in at half a ton!! 1000 pounds ! She says she looks forward to being immobile and […]

Whoopi Goldberg is getting in to the weed selling business! Whoopi Goldberg is the latest entrepreneur to join the medical marijuana game! Whoopi started a line of products for women suffering from menstrual cramps. The line is called Maya & Whoopi. Maya Elisabeth is the co-founder. They’ll offer a balm, a liquid extract, a bath soak […]

Coffee, also known as the healthy Red Bull, is a great way to rev thinks up in the gym and see results quicker. But here’s the deal, that Caramel Frap doesn’t count. So before you blow your entertainment budget at Starbucks read these tips. One healthy hot cup of coffee coming right up! Why I […]

     Tonya Baker an anointed psalmist, gifted songwritter, and a blessing to the Body of Christ.  She has traveled and opened for such artists as Shirley Caesar, Cece Winans, Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton, Dorinda Clark-Cole  just to name a few.  Her music ministry has reached the nations.  Praise ‘N Pink Concert Friday, April 27th, at […]

From the perspective of black yogis, I wanted to focus on the complimentary benefits of Yoga’s spirituality to those with firm religious view points.  Some people have experienced conflict with their religious beliefs and the inaccurate perception of Yoga in modern society.  Yoga allows the body to relax and be of greater clarity to be […]

Hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans treated an array of conditions with it.  Putting together three of nature’s most powerful relieving agents: heat, water and air, it invigorates and gently massages the body while easing away aches and pains. Restore By The Shore [VIDEO] It’s a natural therapy, safely […]

I love to encourage people to restore by the shore for health benefits.   The Yoga pose in the picture is “Seated Bird Of Paradise”, check out the video below for a demonstration and highlights from my recent retreat.  Besides a fun filled day at the beach, consciously allow yourself to cultivate an overall sense of […]