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group of multiracial people holding red ribbon with both hands

Source: Photographer: Hongqi Zhang (aka Michael Zhang and michaeljung) / Getty

Did you know that today (February 7th) is #NationalBlackHIVAIDSAwarenessDay? Yes, this day is dedicated yearly to promote HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and community involvement in black/African American communities.

According to the, on this day, individuals and organizations across the nation participate in collective efforts to address HIV.  On the awareness day, many of those efforts are highlighted in the media, online, and on the ground in communities across the country. Even though the word is getting out we need to make more progress. Statistics show that even though melanated people only account for 13% of the population, they account for 40% of new HIV diagnosis in 2018! Factors such as stigma, limited access to quality health care and socioeconomic inequalities might increase blacks’ risk for acquiring or transmitting HIV.. Your sexual health is just one aspect of your overall well-being. Getting tested is no different from getting a checkup. It’s regular maintenance for a healthier body.

To find free testing sites near you just go to or click here.