There is a celebration for the Italian community this weekend. it has been running since 1980. Its a 3 day celebration where anyone can indulge in the Italian culture. It will be held in the Italian village starting Friday. It is 5 dollars to get in to the festival. The festival hours are 5 pm-11pm […]

Columbus city Schools is having a community meeting over the possible closing of Mifflin Middle School. The proposal for the school is to move the school to Linden-McKinley High school and split it between Mifflin and Medina Middle school. They want higher populations in these schools because with more students they can offer more academic […]

November is right around the corner and outside of the cold weather, voting season is coming as well. Michelle Obama has teamed up with BET to

Kim Kardashian Claims Daily Distress Over Her Oversized Booty We all have have our sore points with our bodies, but you don’t hear most people complaining about having a big butt, especially when they paid for it, but Kim Kardashian proves that even when you pay for it, you still may not love it. After […]


Urban Meyer, head coach for The Ohio State University’s football team, has not only been put on paid administrative leave, but is now being investigated by an independent agency, for allegedly knowing that defensive coach, Zach Smith was abusing his wife. Meyer is going to be investigated by the following:: -Current trustees Alex Fischer, Janet […]

  Jeffrey Whitman the Columbus business owner that went viral after being caught on video calling Charles Lovett, a black man, the N-word.  Whitman is the owner of riah’s Heating, Cooling Refrigeration and became upset with Lovett after encountering each other in traffic and followed Lovett home to “express” himself in a very racist way. RELATED STORY: […]

Did you know that there is now a smoking ban in place for all public housing?  You can still smoke, but you have to be 25 ft away from all public housing buildings. So, if you smoke cigars, pipes and cigarettes, you cannot smoke in your home if you rent from the public housing authority. Electronic […]