Welp, Columbus is near the top of the list for bed bug infestations, AGAIN! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Orkin ranks the Columbus metropolitan area 5th in the number of bed bug extermination calls. Columbus is one of four Ohio cities on the list. Cincinnati is 8th, and Cleveland came in at number 13. Baltimore […]


Columbus is being ranked among the worst areas for bed bug infestations! Worse than Nasty Nati! Orkin ranks the 614 5th on its annual list. The list is based on the number of calls its exterminators made last year. Baltimore topped the list. Cincinnati is ranked at number 8 and Cleveland ranked 13th. Just nasty! […]

Misty J

Eating bugs is a healthy alternative to beef. A new study, examines the nutritional content in a variety of insects. Researchers found grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms had higher concentrations of calcium, copper, zinc and magnesium than a sirloin steak! Now that’s crazy! Gross and crazy. According to the study, crickets have the highest level of […]