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“But you fat too and ugly on the eyes,” – Tokyo

Monday night’s episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta was very off-putting and disappointing, to say the least. The one new cast member that we expected to bring us some girl power went ahead and fat shame one of her cast members.

Spice was invited to have brunch with MiMi, Sierra, and Tokyo. At the moment. Tokyo doesn’t like the Jamaican singer for the fact that she is messing with her former boo-thang Tobias. Why did MiMi and Sierra think Tokyo and Spice could have a grown woman conversation beats me but below you can see that things went left.


Fans were particular not having SPice fat shaming Tokyo who has become a new fan favorite. The internet let SPice get a taste of some hateful clapbacks.


Spice after feeling the hate responded on her Instagram page to apologize to fans and Tokyo for her fat comments.


Source: SpiceOfficial, RealityTVPoppin