Columbus police are putting a stop to sobriety checkpoints. Reportedly, Chief Jacobs declined a federal grant this week that would have funded OVI checkpoints next year. The Ohio Traffic Safety Office says, it was told the checkpoints aren’t a good use of manpower. Franklin County’s OVI task force will still continue to hold checkpoints. I […]


Alright Columbus, here’s a heads up. Be sure to drink responsibly. According to Fox 28, The Columbus Division of Police will conduct a sobriety checkpoint on Gender Road at Winchester Lakes Boulevard Friday evening. The diversion area for the checkpoint will be located at 5612 Gender Road. “This location was specifically selected in honor of […]

Dehydration is no joke. According to research, it can actually hurt you behind the wheel. Listen to the audio player to hear how drinking dehydrated…


Sad news out of Toledo. According to Fox 28/ ABC 6, the mayor of Toledo has died five days after suffering cardiac arrest while driving during a snowstorm. A city spokeswoman, Stacy Weber, says Mayor D. Michael Collins died Friday at the University of Toledo Medical Center. The 70-year-old Collins was in his first term […]


  CLEVELAND — Mother Nature is back in her wintry mood. But do you know what you’re supposed to do if your vehicle starts sliding?…


News research from the Wes Coast finds that drivers show a clear racial bias against black pedestrians, failing to yield for them at crosswalks. Seems like…

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  (RNN) – People experiencing the wintry weather, especially those in the South, are seeing the downside of driving on icy, wet roads. Road closures,…


According to a survey completed by CarInsuranceComparison.com, Louisiana has the worst drivers in the United States. The site based its decision on the amount of…

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The parents of a University of Northern Colorado student who died while texting and driving share the photo of their late son’s last text to dissuade people from texting behind the wheel. Alexander Heit was responding to a text message when he drifted into oncoming traffic, jerked the steering wheel and rolled his car off […]


Please, for the sake of society, get off the road.


I know how it feels to be profiled first hand. A Black man driving a nice car in the wrong neighborhood are the right conditions to be profiled. Is the new texting law another threat to Black men? My good friend Sean Walton Jr of THE FRESHXPRESS has some things to say about this. VIA […]

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Just this week Columbus began enforcing the texting while driving ban and many people do not know what to expect. There hasn’t been much information on actually how police will enforce this ban or tools they will use but we’re sure they have a plan. This can be a big problem for people who text […]