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Just this week Columbus began enforcing the texting while driving ban and many people do not know what to expect. There hasn’t been much information on actually how police will enforce this ban or tools they will use but we’re sure they have a plan.

This can be a big problem for people who text a lot while driving. Some people are addicted to texting and those tickets can add up fast. Well just like an iPhone commercial, we have an app for that! Check it out.


There’s an app for everything nowadays. With the majority of cell phone users either owning a BlackBerry, iPhone, or Droid product, developers for each of the operating systems have found opportunity for big bucks in the cell phone market. And now, law proposers are giving these developers yet another reason to get excited and make more money. On April 5th, the Columbus City Council approved a ban on texting and driving. Once signed by the Mayor, this offense could cost drivers in upwards of $150! Not only that, it would be a primary offense; which means you can be pulled over if caught on your phone while driving. According to NBC 4 in Columbus, the ban could take effect as early as May 5, 2010. And since we want to keep our readers safe, we did some research and found some alternatives to this costly offense.

Applications for Droid, BlackBerry, and the iPhone are now starting to surface that will help drivers to be more compliant with these laws. One of the most popular as of now is one entitled, This application eliminates the need to text and read while driving by reading your text messages and emails out loud in real time. READ MORE