Azriel Clary is talking! She is spilling all the tea on what it was like living with R. Kelly and what she endured being his number one girl. In an new interview with The Sun, Azriel explained how she met Kelly, the many women he had and what the living arrangements were like with […]

It looks like this is really the beginning of the end in the R. Kelly saga. His two live in girlfriends got into a physical fight at his Trump Tower Condo on Instagram live. Reports say that Joycelyn Savage got upset with Azriel Clary when she brought in a male family friend to help her […]

And the plot thickens! The Gayle King interview with R. Kelly has everyone wanting more. CBS has decided to air the full hour interview which will include Kelly’s live-in girlfriends, Azriel Clary, and Joycelyn Savage. In the clip, the women clearly are team R. Kelly and are very upset with their parents. Check out a […]

#NationalGirlfriendDay is currently trending on Twitter. And some people are tweeting romantic things about their girlfriends. And some people are tweeting about their girlfriends a.k.a squad a.k.a girl pals a.ka BFFs. You get the difference. Well, we’ve decided to be on side of the latter and use this day to celebrate all the wonderful girlfriends who […]

Tracee Ellis Ross, of our favorite actress, has revealed that being Black in Hollywood trumps all other professional hurdles, even that of being a woman. The…

As my heart skips a beat about all the drama coming my way now that Scandal is back and my girlfriend (in my head) Olivia…

Did you hear the one about the relationship columnist who ruined his own relationship? Oh, trust me – it’s a doozy. Somewhere along the line, it’s important to realize that you and your lady are matched because you complement each other’s traits well. The two of you are not the same. You (hopefully) share values, […]