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#NationalGirlfriendDay is currently trending on Twitter. And some people are tweeting romantic things about their girlfriends. And some people are tweeting about their girlfriends a.k.a squad a.k.a girl pals a.ka BFFs. You get the difference. Well, we’ve decided to be on side of the latter and use this day to celebrate all the wonderful girlfriends who bring love, support, and joy to our lives.

And to celebrate, here are a few ways to show your girlfriends you love them.

1. Bring your girls flowers

Contrary to popular belief, flowers between significant others are not the only flowers a girl should receive. If your girlfriend has recently reached an important milestone or accomplished something recently, or maybe the two of you are in a rift, get them flowers. Everybody likes pretty things.

2. Wine them

Wine is everything. Maybe tonight it’s time to, in the words of a Destiny’s Child song, “Ladies, leave your man at home..and all you fellas leave your girl with her friends.” Hit a wine bar and catch up and if you’re feeling extra generous, pick the tab!

3. Scrapbook it up

If you’re more corny (which isn’t always a bad thing), print out a bunch of pics of you and a girlfriend and give it to her as a gift. Sometimes it’s nice to hit memory lane and see all the good times you have been through.

4. Home dance party

You don’t always need to put on Sunday’s best and painful heels to hit the club and dance. Why not call all your girlfriends over and have an impromptu party with a playlist of your favorite throwbacks? (Some Boyz II Men better be on there.)

5. Overnight road trip

If you and your friends are the spontaneous type, why not take a road trip somewhere? Maybe somewhere with memories of your friendships or somewhere you can create new ones.

Between work, family, and everything in between, never forget your friends are the family that you choose. Let’s celebrate them!