This coronavirus pandemic is affecting all types of businesses and share ride giant Uber is the latest to make cuts. According to AP, Uber said yesterday (May 6th) that it’s cutting 3,700 full-time workers, which is about 14 percent of its workforce. It is  the latest layoffs affecting “sharing economy” companies, which have been hurt […]


Kroger announced that production at Columbus Bakery near downtown has stopped and people have been laid off. According to, Kroger said 411 associates were laid off and the closure was to adapt to the “ever-changing retail environment.” The employees will be paid for 60 days, per the collective bargaining agreement. The company said the bakery has been under […]


More job cuts are happening in Columbus. According to Fox 28,  today, 450 employees at the Citi Group Banking Company off Georgesville Road learned their positions were being eliminated. In a statement to ABC 6/FOX 28, Citi said that would happen by middle of next year, and employees are being encouraged to apply for open positions. Employees say […]