If you live in the state of Pennsylvania and you like to drink, we hope you got a stash at home because all Pennsylvania liquor stores have been ordered to close. According to, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board announced the closure of all Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores and licensee service centers. The […]

K. Michelle has already solidified her role as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry — now the singer is taking her talents to the liquor business. Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails recently announced its latest collaboration with the Tennessee native for its newest flavor, Southern Peach. We chatted with K. about partnering up with […]


With all the violence happening in the city, new laws may help make the streets more safe. According to Fox 28/ ABC 6, an Ohio state representative is hoping to change the laws when it comes to nuisance abatement after police in Central Ohio say they’re having troubles shutting down after hours clubs plagued with violence. Officers […]


Whoa!!! I can’t even image spending this kind of money at a club, let alone having enough money to spend this kind of money at a club. I hear Dubai is very wealthy, but that is clearly an understatement. If you could afford to spend like this, would you? Take the poll below. In case […]


Discovered: Alcohol helps accelerate the brains of heavy drinkers; Self-image affects self-expression; Antarctic lake hid evidence of never-before-seen life forms; Ancient humans liked to hike. Alcohol helps accelerate the brains of heavy drinkers. How we experience alcohol — that is, as a depressant which disinhibits us — tends to inform the way we view long-term binge drinking. But according to […]


There is pretty much, nothing that Jay Z touches which doesn’t look cool! And his new lavish liquor, D’usse, a smooth cognac created at the legendary…