Whoa!!! I can’t even image spending this kind of money at a club, let alone having enough money to spend this kind of money at a club. I hear Dubai is very wealthy, but that is clearly an understatement. If you could afford to spend like this, would you? Take the poll below.

In case you missed it, here’s what was ordered: a cake for $33, a six- liter bottle of Cristal $34,033, Cavalli Vodka $1347, two three liter Cristal $19,058, two MG Luxor $16,335, 13 Roederer Cristal $22,935, seven Luxor $10,482, some Red Bulls and other liquors, plus 10% gratuity. That is a cost of $108,357.80 in US dollars and $387,988 in UAE.

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