Did you know that today (February 7th) is #NationalBlackHIVAIDSAwarenessDay? Yes, this day is dedicated yearly to promote HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and community involvement in black/African American communities. According to the, on this day, individuals and organizations across the nation participate in collective efforts to address HIV.  On the awareness day, many of those […]

With the new fund named after Castile a side of him is revealed showing how much of a good man he was to his community. Huffington Post reports a new fund named after Philando Castile will help continue to pay for students lunches as he would do periodically when he was alive. “When a student couldn’t […]

It’s National wine Day. It may seem this day came around just a few months ago, but actually, that one was National DRINK wine Day. It was celebrated in February. No worries, you have an excuse to pour up again! Personally, I love red wines. White wine is too sweet for me. At some point […]

Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. No, it’s not an official holiday and it really doesn’t require much explanation. Celebrating it is equally as simple and apparently popular too. I LOVE eating grilled cheese with some Tomato soup! YUMMMMMM! You know what? I’m gonna have that for lunch today. Follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, […]

Today is National No Housework Day. A 2008 study found that the average married American woman does 17 hours of housework a week! What part of the game is THAT?! Doctors and health experts say that it is essential for people with busy lifestyles to factor in time to relax. Relaxation can lower heart rate […]

Bullying Prevention is the main focus for many communities this month because October marks National Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying has become an increasingly dangerous threat to our youth and it happens daily with no justification. Many factors go into bullying and why it happens. Trouble at home, emotional issues, anger, peer pressure and more contribute […]

CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien called into the Steve Harvey Morning Show today to talk about the impact of the death of Osama bin Laden on the United States of America and worldwide. Listen to the exclusive interview! RELATED: Is It Faith or Reason That Is Ruling Our Response To Osama’s Death? RELATED:Celebs Attend White House Correspondents’ […]

VIA BCNN1.COM Today, a group of seven education and civil rights groups released a six-point plan for equitable and sustainable national education reform in this country. And, big surprise, the report is basically a 17-page repudiation of the Obama administration’s education reform platform. Groups including the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, the National Urban […]

VIA NEWSONE.COM Break out the champagne, the 2010 National Black Arts Festival (NBAF) begins now. Happening in Atlanta from July 14th through the 18th, the event bills itself is one of the America’s “pre-eminent presenters of the art and culture of the African Diaspora.” With a beautiful new website that was funded by the Doris […]