CLINTONVILLE, Ohio – The husband of a local photographer is offering a $500 reward to anyone who turns in memory cards that belong to his wife. The cards were stolen during a break-in at their Clintonville home on Saturday – just hours after she had finished shooting a wedding. Emily Brunotte’s wedding was one to remember, […]

When Reddit user freckledsmile posted a link to Angelo Merendino‘s photo essay of his wife Jennifer’s battle with breast cancer, he moved even the most stoic of Redditors to tears. “I’ve never once cried from something I found on Reddit. Not until now… I think I’m actually sobbing,” wrote one. “Wow. Just wow. Powerful,” wrote another. Merendino, a New […]

VIA EURWEB.COM Ernest Withers, the late veteran freelancer for America’s black press and known as “the original civil rights photographer,” was secretly an FBI informant who passed information to the feds about the civil rights movement in Memphis. Per the Commercial Appeal… Withers covered it all, from the Emmett Till murder that jump-started the movement […]