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After making insensitive comments about people who are overweight in an interview with AllHipHop earlier this month, Tyrese is feeling the heat after loss of fans and major backlash.

In the interview, Tyrese scolded overweight people, calling them “fat and nasty” and telling them to “do something about it.” Soon after, Ty took to Twitter to apologize, then went on the Tom Joyner Morning Show yesterday (April 23) to formally apologize for his unsatisfactory comments, calling them “a poor choice of words.” Joyner (the show’s DJ and Tyrese’s friend) expressed his disappointment via his blog.

Tyrese’s Tom Joyner Morning Show comments:

“I want to go on the record and say this. I wrote a book called “How to Get Out Of Your Own Way” and it had a chapter “Your Body Is a Slave Of Your Mind.” And I was talking about me putting on 265 pound and me getting out of the shower with the mirror steamed up and me being ashamed of myself. Me, kind of falling apart and going through whatever I was going through and losing touch with my focus. If you go back to the movie ‘Waist Deep,” I was 255 in that movie. It wasn’t directed at women it was directed at anyone who finds themselves uninspired and unmotivated when it comes to their health. We got 20 million something people dying of obesity. SOURCE

It was a poor choice of words in that particular article but for me, I did a book and I talked about this topic and it was an uncomfortable read but I also exposed myself and talked about how my career was literally falling apart in front of me and I got lazy in terms of my health. It was a bad choice of words. For those people that I rubbed the wrong way from my poor choice of wording, here’s my public apology. I was really putting myself out there, exposing my own truths. If I’m being insensitive, I’ m actually talking about my mama, my sisters and everyone else. That wasn’t the goal of the interview. The goal was to motivate and inspire. It was a bad choice of words, period.”

Sincere apology?

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