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Stevie Wonder posted a video on social media, titled “The Universe Is Watching” in which he spoke at length on race relations in the country and how America can move beyond what he believes is Donald Trump’s overt race baiting and prejudice.

Check out what the legend had to say below:

In the video, Wonder quoted from his 1973 Innervisions classic “Visions,” reciting “I’m not one who makes believe/ I know that leaves are green/ They only turn to brown/ When autumn comes around/ I know just what I say/ Today’s not yesterday/ And all things have an ending.” He spoke about how he commentated Juneteenth, despite the fact that it’s not a nationally recognized day, he spoke about the long battle to turn Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday into a national holiday, and he spoke specifically about Donald Trump’s ugly words in regards to race along with much more.

We hear you loud and clear Stevie.