Kevin Hart is taking his comedy from the road to your television set. The enormously popular comedian will be starring in a new single-camera pilot for Fox called Little in Common, about three families involved in little league sports.

The series, focuses on a Caucasian family’s new arrival to Austin, TX – the patriarch played by Rob Corddry – and their somewhat difficult adjustment to the neighborhood amidst the Pachecos, their Latino neighbors with drastically different parenting styles, and the Burlesons, their African American neighbors (led by Hart) who take little league very seriously.

The Corddry-Hart mix is bound to be volatile and hilarious, and as a former little leaguer, I’m definitely stoked to see how this one pans out.

In other Hart news, the animated comedian has been making the rounds to show off his alter rap ego, Chocolate Droppa. Get acquainted with him by watching him in action on the Big Boy’s Neighborhood morning radio show (video below) and by following him on Twitter – @chocolatedroppa. You can count on him to offer some poignant words to his followers: “I just dropped 27 bars in my pastor face b/c he said all non-believer meet him at the alter. Don’t challenge me in a cipher! REAL RAP RAW!” True words of wisdom, Chocolate Droppa.

And wait, that’s not all. Hart is also prepping to release a new stand-up comedy concert film called Laugh At My Pain. He just shot the flick over the course of two nights in LA. And get this: he set a record with ticket sales, bringing in $1.1 million. Eddie Murphy was the only other black comic to surpass $1 million in ticket sales over a two-night period.

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