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T.I., has been released from jail for what we hope is the last time. But we also hoped he would stay out after he was released in 2010 and again in August 2011. So instead of just hoping for Tip to stay out of trouble, here are five things we think he can do to stay out of the bing.

Give Him More Guns

In 2007, T.I. was arrested by the feds and charged with two felonies for possession of three unregistered machine guns and two silencers. He was eventually sentenced, and since he was packing so much heat, we can’t help but think that Tip just likes guns. Instead of denying his appetite for weapons, we think it would be a great idea to give him an arsenal of paintball guns, Laser Tag games and Super Soakers to jones on.

Hypnotize Him

If we could hypnotize T.I., we would! While under our mind control we would make him think he’s bulletproof so that he would never feel the need to get guns. We’d just tell him the bulletproof vest is decorative, just ask 50 Cent.

Hire A Reliable Weed Carrier

One of the last times T.I. was arrested he was out making a run for ecstasy and marijuana with the Mrs in his Maybach. This is a baller no-no. No person of his means should be out getting their own stash, especially in a car that costs more than a house. If you can’t find someone to run this errand there needs to be a Mr. Nice Guy franchise started in ATL stat.

Move to Switzerland

The Swiss may have this whole gun thing figured out. While they have no standing army, Swiss men are trained as part of their militia and can keep an automatic weapon in the home.   Damn near everyone is strapped so no one is thinking of running up in the next man’s house. As a result, the rate of killings or attempted killings with firearms is about 1 in 250, 000. In Atlanta metro (which is comparable in population to Switzerland) it’s about 34 per 200,000. Not to mention no bank is safer for stashing all of that Paper Trail money.

Do Like Jay-Z & Kanye West

T.I. may need to surround himself with a more positive and uplifting circle. We suggest he link up with  his name-a-like Q-Tip, not only for a potential collabo, but for overall positivity. Notice how  ‘Ye has stayed out of trouble since he’s been working closely with Jay on Watch The Throne? We think the same could happen for T.I.!  His first single with The Abstract could be a club banger called “Just The Tip.”


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