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The-Dream has always been a producer in high demand, but after creating hits for both Beyonce (“Single Ladies”) and Ciara (“Ride”), he’ll only be working with one woman again on her next album.

After writing and producing 7 (out of 11) songs on Ciara’s flop “Basic Instinct,” her fans attacked him on Twitter, believing him to be the reason for its failure. It seems he’s learned his lesson because when a follower recently asked if they’d be working together again, The-Dream replied:

“Sorry but no I won’t be on this album because my contract doesn’t allow me to. I’m sure her fans are happy about that.”

However, when it comes to Beyonce, he’s more than able and willing. He told Boombox:

“”She’s ready to work. She’s crazy! She never stops doing anything. I don’t know if [pregnancy] is going to slow her down. She’s just incredible with doing things, I don’t know how she’s going to do it, she’s just a maniac… in a good way.”

Which collabo would you look forward to?

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