Robin Thicke is apparently too hot for YouTube these days. According to his rep, the steamy music video for “Blurred Lines” (feat. T.I. and Pharrell) has been banned from YouTube due to nudity.

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While YouTube has opted not to allow the video on its site, Vevo has continued to allow Internet users to play it on its site.

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The video has had more than 1 million views since last week.

Both Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams have reacted to the video being pulled, with Pharrell questioning why they would pull down something so hot. SOURCE

“YouTube took down the Unrated version of #BLURREDLINES because it was too hot! You can still view it here on @VEVO,” Robin Thicke wrote on Twitter.

Pharrell responded: “@robinthicke Why they trying to ban good sh–?”

In case you haven’t see it, click here to watch “Blurred Lines.”

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