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And apparently, they still meet all your needs. Cosmo assures it. [Not technically NSFW] SOURCE

Sleek, new toys are coming out of Cali. No cars or computers involved.


Ti Chang, a San Francisco designer, is the woman behind these, um, multifunctional items by Crave. When you enter the site, you have two categories to browse: vibrators or jewelry.

The Droplet is a 43” stainless steel necklace with two vibrators attached at the bottom.

According to Cosmo’s Anna Breslaw: “It’s so small and dense, like a little bullet, and has a wide variety of intensity settings on the vibration – since it’s so much less bulky than most vibrators, there’s a lot more finesse, and it’s—yeah. It’s great.”


Vibrators not your thing? No worries, they’ve got handcuffs that double as bracelets, as well. SOURCE

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To learn more, please visit Crave’s website.