A girl suffering from Cerebral Palsy in Hudsonville, MI credits her service dog for helping her get through high school. As 35 some graduates filed into Freedom Christian High School`s gym among them was Desi’s four-legged companion. “I think it was a great thing for everybody else to see that he really is part of me and my accomplishments are essentially his,” said student Desi.

Desi got Walton, a golden retriever, just 4 years ago. “I really, really couldn`t be where I am right now in this stage of my life without him. Ya know before him I would come to school in a wheelchair,” she said. Their bond easy to see, but so much deeper than most could understand. It’s why Desi says it was so important to have him there dressed in a cap and gown to accept that diploma with her. In fact, both of their names were called to accept the diploma.

“He really has put in the work. I mean holding me up is a full-time job, especially when I put out a lot of energy,” said Desi. “Walton really has become a part of the class, I mean we are a school this small can’t help, but be a family he really has become a huge part of a class.”

The two are proving that anything is possible.

“I have had troubled proving things like that to myself, so this kind of proved to me, wow, I can do it, I can do it. I did have this accomplishment, I didn`t think I was going to have honestly a few years ago,” said Desi.

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