Were you prepared to call your boss to say you won’t be returning to work? While the rest of us have to keep punching the time clock, Marie Holmes’ life has changed for the better and she deserves it. Via Hello Beautiful Holmes is one of three winners of Wednesday’s Powerball, adding $188 million to her bank account. […]


A girl suffering from Cerebral Palsy in Hudsonville, MI credits her service dog for helping her get through high school. As 35 some graduates filed into Freedom Christian High School`s gym among them was Desi’s four-legged companion. “I think it was a great thing for everybody else to see that he really is part of […]

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A Georgia museum wouldn’t allow a little girl with a neurological condition to go inside because they thought her wheelchair might make the carpets dirty. This is Lexi Haas. She has Kernicterus, a neurological disorder than can cause cerebral palsy. Source: Lexi is wheelchair-bound and physically non-functional. Source: But she’s still pretty active. Source: Her […]


Bullying never goes unpunished, at least that is the message that canton police are sending with one of their most recent sentences. 43-year-old William Bailey has been sentenced to a month in jail after making fun of a young girl with Cerebral Palsy. Baily was caught after a video was released of him making fun […]