Songstress Ann Nesby, a congestive heart failure survivor, has officially join the fight against heart disease.  The Atlanta resident was recently named the new Metro Atlanta spokesperson for the American Heart Association.  Years ago the Grammy Award winning singer was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.   Nesby stated,

“In 2004, my life changed. Ever since the diagnosis, I’ve been making sure to check my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I’ve have control over my life now: I make regular doctor’s visits and I’m encouraging everyone around me that I love to do the same. I’m excited it about it. I’m always speaking on behalf of The American Heart Association. I’ve been given a platform to change people’s lives. It’s something that affects me and I’m able to share my wisdom along with sharing the gift of music.”

Ann Nesby just released her latest album “Living My Life,”. The album was  inspired by her battle with heart failure.

Ann says, “I already love to do feel good music,” she said fondly. “I was always of the mind that whatever I sang from my heart would reach the heart of others. This album reflects on relationships, being healthy and not worrying about tomorrow. It also acknowledges that the power of God is able to pull us through any situation and it encourages us to trust him in our daily lives and to rest in him for answers to our problems.Check your heart. Check your blood pressure. Change your lifestyle and get control of it by working with your physician. Prepare yourself for a better life.”

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