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In today’s episode of kids say the darndest things, a young boy named Tré went off on his mom for getting pregnant again. Shanee Gibson Hart, a military mom, recorded her son’s reaction as she revealed to him and his younger sister Amiyah, that she was expecting another child and if you couldn’t tell by our headline, Tré was not here for it!

“What were you thinking?!,” Tre questioned, throwing his hands over his face. “Why you having another baby?! You just had two! So why do you…why…this is exasperating,” he added.

The “exasperated” child then asked for headphones so he won’t have to hear the baby crying. Chile, we wouldn’t want to hear that either! Tré ultimately accepted that he would be big brother to another.

Shanee uploaded the hilarious clip to Facebook and within hours it went viral. The video has over 300,000 views on Youtube.

Congrats on the baby and going viral Shanee!


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