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The media can be so cruel. It is crazy how people react to who celebrities are marred to… and don’t let it be a Black man married to a woman of a different ethnicity. According to Centric, women (and men) were shocked to find out “Power” actor Omari Hardwick was married.

Over the weekend, a picture surfaced of the eye candy out with wife, publicist Jennifer Pfautch, and their adorable son. The photo was instantly met with an onslaught of online commentators bashing his wife’s looks. The comments ranged from calling her “ugly” to “masculine” to “she looks like Jeremy Scott.”

On Monday night, Hardwick hopped on Twitter for a long rant on the hateful comments celebrities receive through social media. While he didn’t mention his wife or say he was specifically responding to the hateful comments, considering the timing of it all, it seems like a defense of Pfautch.


In a stream of tweets, he ranted about the “ugliness of human beings.”

“I wish all of you could experience celebrity for a week to understand the LEVEL of ugly in certain diseases (called human beings),” Hardwick, 40, tweeted.

“I thought it was ugly losing my son. I thought it was ugly losing my brother at 45 & sister at 33. All within 3 yr span. Ugly of HATE is a portion of cancer immeasurable. Social media has aided in the hate of my generation of public figures vs. those before us,” he continued.

“I want to personally THANK all of you who have only loved supported PROPERLY challenged me & recognized GOD’s truth of my existence & those i would die & kill FOR. I love u back,” he added.

“I root for you all. Those who have created your own truth so to make your despicable selves feel better, with zero care for those like me who’ve done zero to you, i want to harm you….while EQUALLY praying for the misery known as you,” he concluded.

Hardwick married his wife in 2012.