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Like the rest of the world, we were utterly shocked when TMZ announced Amber Rose had filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa. Why? What happened? Who’s fault was it? We were desperate to know answers. How could one of our favorite couples, who looked so happy, break up?

Rumors suggested Amber had cheated on Wiz with her manager Nick Cannon, but those whispers were exposed as lies when it was anonymously revealed that Wiz was the one behind the infidelities. Given the reputation of the modern-day rapper, we could only imagine the gist of Wiz’s cheating habits. This morning, Peter Rosenberg, NY radio host, revealed private details concerning Wiz and Amb’s breakup and we’re ready to delete every Wiz Khalifa song off of our iPhone. Right now!

According to Rosenberg, Amber walked in on Wiz Khalifa mid sexual act–catching him in bed with twin sisters. Yikes. Two weeks prior to filing divorce papers, Rosenberg claims Amber confided in him, telling him she didn’t think the marriage would last. “I’ll be honest, it sounds like he’s not interested,” Rosenberg claims he told Amber.

We were really rooting for Wiz and Amber. They seemed so in love. While it’s unfortunate that their marriage didn’t last, we’re proud of Amber for having the strength to leave despite popular belief that she is a gold digger. She’s leaving with her dignity intact. As for Peter Rosenberg, we’re not feeling how he exposed Amber and Wiz’s private details on the radio. It was inappropriate and a move straight out of a scene from “Mean Girls.”

Furthermore, Amber Rose is freakin’ gorgeous. If she can get cheated on…what does that mean for the rest of us?

Watch the interview, in it’s entirety, below:


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