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What the biggest story of terrorism on the planet right now?

It’s not Paris and Charlie Hebdo.

It’s Nigeria and Boko Haram in what is their deadliest massacre yet.

CNN is reporting that earlier this month, “Attackers sped into a Nigerian town with grenade launchers — their gunfire and explosions shattering the early morning calm.”

Terrified residents in that town and surround villages scattered into bushes while the gunmen unloaded motorcycles from their trucks and followed in hot pursuit.

Residents hid wherever they could but bullets still pierced them.

The ones who hid in their homes were burned alive.

The ones who tried to cross into neighboring village drowned while trying to swim through a lake.

The relentless terrorist group is accused of killing as many as 2,000 people in the attack.

That was the initial reporting.

The Nigerian Army is downplaying that saying they believe only 150 people were killed.

But Nigerian officials often downplay the injury and death toll because they don’t want the world to think that Boko Haram has that much power.

Either way, those numbers are exponentially more that the number of people who died in Paris last week.

What’s even more disgusting is in the attacks that followed this past weekend, children were used to carry out the hellish plot; not once, not twice, but three times.

Witnesses tell CNN that a girl, as young as 10 years old, was used as a human bomb in the first attack.

They say she had explosives attached to her body as she walked to the market.

As she entered the checkpoint they say someone with a remote detonator set off the device that was strapped to her body, killing her and injuring and killing anyone near her.

Officials say Boko Haram did it two more times at two other busy markets; each time using children strapped with explosives.

Children who had no other alternative but to be forced into becoming human bombs for a ruthless terror network running rampant in Nigeria.

In this last attack an eyewitness tells CNN he was hid in the garden of his house for three days where he witnessed the killings and the looting and the bloodshed before he was able to escape, saying he thinks as many as 3,000 people may have been slaughtered.

Again, others say 2,000 were killed.

The army says their aerial reconnaissance indicates 150 people.

Whatever the number, it is so barbaric, seasoned soldiers helping in the recovery and investigation, are sickened by what they’re witnessing.

“Soldiers we’ve talk to who went in to recover their colleagues talk about prying out charred bodies from burned out vehicles, so horrific for these soldiers that some of them haven’t been able to eat for days afterward.”

Millions marched in Paris last weekend to show unity against terrorist who killed 17 people.

They carried signs reading “I am Charlie.”

When hundreds if not thousands, including children, have been slaughtered by terrorists, where are the “I am Nigeria” signs?

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