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Shortly after arriving to a venue in St. Louis to perform at an event promoting an anti-gun violence program, August Alsina and his entourage were caught on camera fighting with a show promoter backstage. TMZ has released a video clip of a scuffle breaking out sparked by an exchange between Alsina himself and the event’s promoter Loose Cannon Slim.

Slim, who has since responded to the attention on social media, was reportedly angry at the Def Jam singer for arriving late to the show.

TMZ’s video footage highlights Alsina jumping after the promoter as the their disagreement escalates before getting pulled back by his entourage. Late in the clip Street Dreams rapper Fabolous enters the frame and watches from afar with a drink in his hand.

Earlier today, Loose Cannon Slim  posted a video on Instagram responding to the incident in which he claims the fight was 5-on-1 and calls Alsina a “pussy-ass-nigga.”

“Not a busted lip, bloody nose, black eye, nothing,” he says in the clip. “Five n-ggas on one, they was kicking and everything, I got right back up, got my check, went to two after parties and that p-ssy-ass-n-gga stayed locked in his locker room ’til one in the morning ’til the police escorted his ass.”


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