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was his rent too damn high jimmy mcmillan facing eviction from manhattan apartment

Jimmy McMillan (pictured) might be getting evicted from his Manhattan apartment, the New York Daily News reports.

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The former gubernatorial candidate, who ran for New York city mayor in 2013 on his “Rent Is Too Damn High” political party, which also became his popular catchphrase, recently received notice to leave his $872-per-month East Village apartment.

Watch a report about McMillan’s impending eviction here:


Consequently, McMillan has filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court to halt the eviction, which is planned for February 5th. Representing himself, he is also seeking $1.3 million in monetary damages.

McMillan is fighting a legal battle with the landlord who claims the East Village pad isn’t McMillan’s main residence and that he lives in Brooklyn. McMillan counters that the Brooklyn location is simply an office and that he shares the St. Marks apartment with his son.

“They don’t have the authority to evict me,” McMillan said Monday.

In his suit against Lisco Holdings LLC, McMillan claims they did not abide by a Housing Court order to give him a new key after they locked him out in 2009.

“They never gave me a damn key,” he said.

McMillan also insists he’s the victim of what he’s been fighting against: gentrification. According to McMillan, Lisco has been refusing his rent checks because they want to drive low-paying tenants out of the building and jack up rents.

Should he be successfully evicted, McMillan says he doesn’t “have a clue” where he will stay.

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