According to Fox 28/ ABC 6, some parents said they’re upset that Columbus City School administrators did not call a snow day after freezing rain left many streets glazed in ice.

District officials said 20 school buses were behind schedule because they were stuck on icy streets. Two of those stranded buses with students on board were along Billiter Boulevard near Cleveland Avenue.

Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls student Daimya Warnock said she was stuck waiting at her grandmother’s house for a school bus that didn’t show up.

“I just feel bad for the kids that have to walk, I mean like after two seconds they probably just slipped,” said Daimya Warnock. Daimya’s mother said she doesn’t understand why school administrators did not delay or cancel class Thursday morning.

“All of these school buses are spun out,” said Tirish Warnock. “This is a day that they should have actually cancelled school. Just think about all the walkers that had to walk to school on all this ice. It’s just horrible.”

A Columbus City Schools spokesman said the district did not have the option of delaying classes because they operate around 800 buses that handle tiered transportation for city, charter and Catholic schools.”

The spokesman said no one was injured when the buses lost control and got stuck on icy side streets.

District officials urged parents who kept their kids home from school due to icy conditions to notify the school, so the student’s absence can be excused.

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