Pickerington School District has announced that they will be switching to a "mask optional" policy when children return from the holiday break on January 4, 2022.

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom is doing the same thing that Governor’s across America are doing right now, trying to formulate a plan to reopen their states. He is even thinking ahead of when the next school year would start and it may be as early as July. According to Politico, when Governor Newsom spoke about when […]

  Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has probably been the most aggressive government officials when it comes to fighting the coronavirus. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   He has closed schools, restaurants, asked the public to limit their interaction with each other and now he’s pleading via twitter for parents to take their […]

    A school safety and security officer at Marion-Franklin High School was alerted Wednesday morning that someone was smoking marijuana in a school bathroom.  Upon entering the area just outside of a bathroom the officer stopped Waki Malik Bryant, a student, and searched his backpack. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   […]

Man, I can’t imagine being this guy right now. The deputy who was working as a resource officer at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on the day of the mass shooting that left 17 people dead was arrested on 11 criminal charges because of his inaction. According to, Scot Peterson was seen on […]

According to CNN.Com, there have been at least 31 incidents at K-12 schools in the United States in which someone was shot. That averages out to a shooting every 11.8 days. Many questions come to mind such as How are guns getting easily into the school? How can we find way to prevent gun violence? […]

An Ohio security guard based in a high school in Cleveland Ohio has been accused and indicted on rape charges as well as Battery charges. The security guard was said to force a 15 year old girl to perform oral sex on it. The security guard sent many inappropriate pictures to students through social media. […]

There was an attempted suicide at Westerville High School Thursday morning and many students witnessed the horrific event. According to, Westerville School officials are reaching out to families in the district, letting them know what students witnessed and that help is available. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   According to the […]

A Columbus City Schools Prinicipal has been charged with soliciting after an undercover arrest at an Easton Hotel. The incident occured last month and records show that Leon Leavelle responded to a Backpage ad that was placed by a detective at the Hilton in Easton.     Leavelle offered the officer $40 for sex and […]

Schools in Ohio are on lock down after school officials say a 7th-grader shot himself inside Jackson Memorial Middle School, in Jackson Township. The student shot himself at the middle school this morning and authorities are trying to figure out if it was accidental or intentional. The boys condition and identity is still unknown at […]

One Miami woman took the term “overprotective mother” to a whole new level. Ernstlatta LaFrance is facing various charges for retaliating against a teen girl who fought her daughter. Everything started when LaFrance’s daughter got into a scuffle with a group of girls at a county fair. Following the incident, 30-year-old LaFrance, her daughter, and […]

Two Staten Island parents were hit with racism this past week when a chiropractor sent them racist threats. The spine specialist was arrested after sending threatening notes to a Black NYPD officer and a White crossing guard with a Black child. On Monday, the police officer, Ebony Glover, was sent a letter reading, “My next opportunity […]