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Jacque Reid talks to Demetria Lucas, author of ‘Don’t Waste Your Pretty’ and star of Bravo’s ‘Blood, Sweat and Heels’ about what women should do on Valentine’s Day if they’re single.

“If you’re in a relationship you definitely need to get him a gift. He wants to be pampered just like you. But the end goal is a little sex. I think if you’re in a relationship sex is fair play but it’s something you should talk about,” Lucas said.

On if you should accept gifts from a guy you’re not into:

“If you’re not feeling him you shouldn’t just use him for companionship.”

What should you do if you’re single:

“This is your day to hang out with your girlfriends, have a staycation, go out with your girls. It’s not all about romantic love, you have to start loving yourself.”

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