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loving being single






Whenever you find someone who you genuinely connect with and want to take things further, he either pulls a disappearing act or changes his mind—leaving you back to square one.

What’s really going on here?

Trust us, we’ve definitely been there before. Feeling your confidence disappear after looking around at your friends and loved ones who are either married off or in serious relationships is par for the course...

Why is it that even though you have your head on your shoulders, you can’t find love?

Society pretty much tells us that having a banging personality (not to mention being generally attractive) was all it took to catch a guy’s attention. But after hearing..

If you want to change your relationship status, there are a few things you need to work on FIRST.

Julie Ferman’s honest words are definitely a wake-up call! According to Public Radio International, “For the first time since the Bureau…

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