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KENT, OH (WOIO) –Are smart phones making students not-so-smart? A study recently conducted at Kent State University revealed alarming results.

The conclusion they were able to draw: The more time students spent on their smart phones, the lower their GPA. Professors behind the study say they finally have the data to prove what they’ve been telling their students for years.

Many people, including students, are glued to their smart phones.

“I check Facebook religiously. I’m always on YouTube,” said KSU student Sierra Walsh.

“While teaching lectures, you’ll see pretty regularly, students staring down at their laps, at a glowing screen, while others are paying attention to what’s going on,” said KSU professor Dr. Jake Barkley.

He and Dr. Andrew Lepp conducted a study that found the more students were using smart phones, the lower their grades were. Those who used the phones an average of 10 hours a day had an average GPA of 2.84. Moderate users, averaged a 3.0 GPA. Those who used their smart phones 90 minutes or less averaged a 3.15 GPA.

Barkley says more frequent smart phone users aren’t meeting an important threshold.



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