This is sad news. According to the Columbus Police Department, Kyle Haseley, 25, who was shot and robbed while attempting to pay for an item that was posted for sale on social media last week,  has died. Haseley was pronounced dead just after 5 a.m. Tuesday after he was hospitalized in critical condition on […]

Do rappers preach about crime and sex work into white supremacy’s hand? Eric Benet started a discussion on social media that has everybody sounding off. The singer said that rappers who spread negativity about gang culture, drugs, and sexuality are “blackface” for white supremacy.   Not only fans but rappers are responding to the question. […]

Yeah, um, happy birthday I guess… Your mother probably told you when you were younger “if you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing.” In this new generation if you don’t have nothing nice to say, say it with a meme. That’s what millions did on social media when saying happy birthday to […]

Kylie Jenner has made the decision to take her 4 month old daughter, Stormi, off of social media. Over the weekend, fans noticed that there were no longer any pics of baby girl on IG or Facebook and asked Kylie why. Kylie responded, “yeah i cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my […]

“But you fat too and ugly on the eyes,” – Tokyo Monday night’s episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta was very off-putting and disappointing, to say the least. The one new cast member that we expected to bring us some girl power went ahead and fat shame one of her cast members. Spice was […]

What happened to Jaheim? For the last few years, singer Jaheim has been looking rough and the internet has no sympathy for him. For a while, Jaheim was out of the public eye but a post to his Instagram account left fans and celebrities like rapper The Game making fun of his different look.   Now […]

Mind you if you mad you are 3 years late ass hell. Issa Rae was minding her business and making us proud until one excerpt from one of her books has stirred up chaos. In her book “Adventures Of Awkward Black Girl” she wrote back in 2015 that since black women and Asian men were […]

Ain’t no baby holding Bardie gang leader from getting her freak on. If you needed any more reasons to love Cardi B she gave us another one while performing at Coachella Sunday.   The pregnant rapper showed off her twerking skills and proved that she is a certified Milf.   Fans were losing their minds […]

Did you know that Will Smith had a YouTube channel? If your answer is no to the question above you are not the only one (I didn’t know either). Now that you do know you can check out his videos by going here. You will see videos of Will letting it all hang loose and […]

Didn’t she help her husband promote the bother movement? Twitter did not receive the First Lady’s “Happy National African American History Month” tweet on Tuesday. Melania Trump decided on Feb 13 would be the perfect timing to acknowledge Black History Month but it turned into another fail on her part. As you see many tweeters did […]

Barack needs to join the beard gang ASAP! We’re not scared to say it but Barack Obama is one fine ass man (with all respect Michelle). Definitely is one of the sexiest president’s we ever had and his intelligence makes him a full package. However, the level of fineness escalated when someone photoshopped a beard on the 44th president […]

The comedian picked an outfit that had him getting dragged from 2017 to 2018. Steve Harvey always looks to dress to impress but he may be reevaluating his fashion sense after what he was caught wearing during the New Years Eve special on Fox. Harvey was looking nice and warm in an all-white getup with […]