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Exterior of house in suburbs

Source: Jupiterimages / Getty

According to Fox 28, Fairfield County neighbors are being put on alert, after a rash of garage break-ins over the past two months.

Since the beginning of April, Fairfield County Sheriff detectives have investigated 20 garage burglaries in Violet Township, where thieves are stealing expensive tools, including saws, power washers, and car jacks. In one break-in a machete was stolen

“It’s not just material things, it’s about personal safety,” said neighbor Walter George.

Over the weekend, authorities did take one suspect into custody, but they warn this is the time of year when garage crooks patrol the streets looking for easy loot.

“They cruise the neighborhoods, in the early evening hours looking for open garages and closed doors that can easily be opened,” said Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen.

Jeff Mays with Deluxe Door Systems, says an inexpensive zip-tie can be used to prevent thieves from breaking in by pulling the tie through the arm release and trolley.

Most garages also have metal lock boxes for the door. If you don’t have one you can buy one for under $10 at a local hardware store.

“We are very concerned, and will continue to make sure our doors our locked,” said Walter.

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