Fourth of July Fireworks in Denver 2014

Source: Daniel Petty / Getty

Are you ready to let off some fireworks? According to Fox 28, days ahead of the July 4th holiday, agencies are reminding people of firework safety. Fire prevention experts say even small fireworks can be a big danger in the wrong hands.

Within seconds what seems to be innocent and fun could turn dangerous.

“I’ve treated hundreds of children for firework related injuries,” Gary Smith who is the president of the Child Injury Prevention Alliance.

“Number one product for injuries would be sparklers followed by firecrackers and mistakes,” said Sherry Williams who is the CEO of Prevent Blindess.

Williams says sparklers were the cause of 1,400 firework accidents last year, mostly kids under the age 5.

“I could see how, if you don’t keep an eye on them,” said Scott Inks who lives in Grandview.

Inks says he will use sparklers and fire crackers this year. “I’ve always watched them really good and made sure they never got burnt,” he said.

Lieutenant Dave Belcher with Violet Township Fire department says the safest way to enjoy fireworks this year is to leave it to the professionals.

Phantom Fireworks officials say when lighting a sparkler to set it into a bucket of sand, flower pot, or ground with the wire or stick down.

They say to make sure you have a clear, open space to light it, and your audience should be a minimum of 25 feet away.

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