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According to Fox 28, a Central Ohio woman, staying just a mile away from the Paris attacks, is counting her blessings tonight.

Victoria Nowarah is on a 3 week vacation in Europe. Friday, her trip took a scary turn, leaving her family in Columbus scrambling desperately to find out if she was out of harms way.

Tara Renner, Nowarah’s mother, heard about the massacre in Paris at work. She immediately thought about her first born’s safety. “At first I wanted to see if she was okay. At first, I was calm. But, as things progressed, I got more and more worried,” Renner said.

Nowarah was vacationing with a friend, in Paris and was at her hostel, about a mile away from the attacks. That’s when mom told her daughter about the terror unfolding around her. “I was just shocked. I had goose bumps. I didn’t know what the TV was saying and I was asking for links. I didn’t even know,” Nowarah said.

Nowarah says she didn’t hear the blasts, but did notice emergency crews responding. “There was a woman singing at the bar right next to our hostile and I could hear the sirens over her and I was like wow, I can still hear this,” Nowarah said.

She and her friend were safe. Hours after the attacks, she took video of hostel security. “They were advising us to stay in and checking who came in and out,” Nowarah said.

The morning after, Nowarah says barely anyone was on the streets. She left for for Amsterdam and says police boarded her bus checking passports.

Nowarah comes home later this month. She says despite the attacks, she wants to visit Paris again.

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