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Stained Window Glass With Pews In Church

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Won’t He do it?! Will He won’t?! Ok, this is hilariously, stupid funny!

Nothing says get-yo-life like Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia’s ’80s anthem, but add a little Black magic to it? Honey, listen. After the streets (and the pews) let Aaron know in no uncertain terms that we were not here for his bald-headed, 15-second snippet games, he finally decided to bless the congregation with the full deal.

“I’ve warned many people that this would be UNDERWHELMING..buuut Its the full song..its finished,” Aaron wrote on YouTube. “LIKE IT OR NOT just glad I kept my word lol!”

Underwhelmed? Turn to your neighbor and say, “The Devil is a lie!”

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I can’t stop watching the Golden Girls Gospel Remix

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