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While Halle starred in action flick Executive with Steven Seagal, rappers like OutKast, Ghostface Killah and Fat Joe were all singing her praises during one of Hip Hop’s true golden years.

With classic albums like ATLiens, Ironman and Reasonable Doubt dropping weekly, 1996 was a big year for rap music’s on the mainstream stage.

And it was also a stellar year for Halle, who added solid credits to her IMDB profile with the family friendly science flick Race the Sun, and The Rich Man’s Wife, a thriller in which she plots to kill her husband over a bad prenup.



“Elevators (Me & You)”



“Passes getting thrown like Hail Mary’s

And they looking like Halle Berry’s

So so fine”


Ghostface Killah




“Your hairdo way more class than Halle Berry

Caught visions of me and you riding on the ferry.”


Fat Joe

“(Stay Away From The) Nasty Hoes”

Sadat X’s America Is Dying Slowly


“Seductive red dress, lookin’ Halle Barry-ious

What’s your name Miss? “Sixty-Nine” Nice alias”

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