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Many agree teachers are meant to teach not be armed guards.

Many families piled into the Upper Arlington High School auditorium for a chance to speak on gun violence in school.

With the national debate still tense on what to do to eliminate any more school shootings and threats Upper Arlington Police Chief Tracy Hahn and Fire Chief Lyn Nofziger answered questions from concerned parents. Many questions stemmed from should teachers be armed to adding metal detectors in schools solve the problem?

“I think everybody has to be heard and listened to and all options have to be discussed,” said my Frecker who teaches at Hastings Middle School.

One thing is for sure, teachers and police officials present agree arming teachers with guns is not a smart solution and can lead to other unforeseen consequences. However, Dean Rieck, who is the executive director of Buckeye Firearms Association, advocates that this can be a reasonable solution.

Rieck says 1,300 teachers have undergone the training to be armed in classrooms and 2,800 are on a waitlist. Does this concern you? Let us know below.

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Source: WBNS