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These deep-fried weed are allegedly delicious, but they won’t get you fried.

At Shibumi in Los Angeles, cannabis plants are picked before they turn five weeks old, and they are cooked and served before the THC becomes active in the plant.

The fried leaves are said to taste like crunchy chips.

David Schlosser, the chef and owner of Shibumi says the canininoid oil is the main element of the plant that consumers will absorb. CBD “(Canabinoid oil) is the healing property of the plant… We get all the leaves prior to five weeks, ensuring it’s just CBD leaf.”

Fried in tempura batter and topped with CBD salt, the leaves are said to be relaxing. But some commenters on Twitter pointed that it’s hard to be appetized by fried weed when you remember everyone currently incarcerated for marijuana-related crimes.

@AndroidMartyr typed “I honestly can not believe what I’m seeing. Freely munching on fried weed, gluttonous. Yet, we are all aware of the incarcerated.”

Joe Avella of Stoney Baloney said “The tempura is incredible. It brings out the flavor of the marijuana, but it doesn’t taste how weed smells, if that makes sense. It’s got this really delicious, leafy green taste. I could eat 100 of these.”

They also smoke pork with dried marijuana stems and make CBD-infused kimchi by adding hemp oil and the CBD salt to the pork, serving it with a dried cannabis leaf.

For now, the CBD items are served on a speak-easy basis.

“So is this something I can get anytime I come here?” asked Avella in the video above. “Potentially so, yes,” says Schlosset. “We generally will have it in house if you know how to ask for it. We want to treat it as a special item.”

No word in the video if Shibumi is supporting justice reform or using any marijuana-driven profits to defend those still incarcerated, but you can probably guess.

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