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Beyoncé Vogue magazine September 2018

Source: Tyler Mitchell / Courtesy of Vogue

Rumors are running rampant throughout the beyhive. Queen Bey’s fans are convinced that she is pregnant. Beyonce fueled the rumors when she posted a pic on her IG page with a purse strategically covering her stomach. Take a look at it and tell us what you think.

The comment section is hilarious! A fan commented, “Beyonce is pregnant. I feel it in my spirit.” One man wrote, “I’ve knocked up a lot of women in my life so trust me when I say Bey is pre-ga-nant.”


Another wrote, “”We’ve been saying muva is pregnant.. she’s been dropping clues the entire album. Purple is royalty… simba (King) (son) .. the lions curled up like a fetus. There’s so much more but remember we said it.

What do you think?