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Yessssszzzzz!! Xscape fans everywhere are going bananas! Kandi has finally agreed to do one last album with the rest of the ladies and we can all thank Mama Joyce for making it happen.

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According to, Mama Joyce made the announcement earlier this month during the 2019 Black Music Honors. During the acceptance speech, Mama Joyce said, “They still have one album left. The four of them, they started in my basement and I feel that they still have another album in them.”

Check out the video below:

Kandi says they were caught off guard but they were not totally against the idea, saying, “Obviously she put us on the spot but, I mean. I guess we gon’ grant her her wish. I didn’t know what to say but at the same time, she put it out there, my group members are here … we gon’ make it happen … we gon’ figure it out.”

We are so excited. If this goes down, this will be the groups fourth and final album. Ohhhh, maybe they should name the album fourth and final! Are you excited about a new album from Xscape?




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