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A baby girl in her car seat

Source: David Aaron Troy / Getty

Italy is trying to be proactive and prevent kids from being left in hot cars. There is now a new law that requires alarms on kids’ car seats.

Isolated Newborn Baby In Car Seat

Source: Sharon Dominick / Getty

According to the Associated Press, a new law went into effect in Italy yesterday (November 7th) that requires parents to have alarms on young children’s car seats. The measure is intended to prevent cases of children dying in hot vehicles in the extreme summer heat. The mandate applies to car seats for children younger than age 4. The alarms is designed to give off sound and visual signals that are triggered if a child is left in a car seat. The alerts must be able to be heard and seen both inside and outside a vehicle.

Violations can lead to fines of up to $360, and losing points on a driver’s license.

Interesting! Should we adopt this strategy in the United States?