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Who knew that actors and comedians, Tommy Davidson and Jamie Foxx had beef? Tommy Davidson speaks very candidly about how annoying Foxx was to him and how they had to be pulled apart by staff after they almost came to blows inside of his new memoir, titled, Living in Color.

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According to Page Six, Davidson wrote about a time that they were filming a sketch where Foxx was playing his famous character “Wanda” and he was giving Davidson a massage. We all remember that iconic episode. Well,  Davidson claimed that Foxx veered off script and started pulling on his underwear, trying to rip them off, leaving him naked. Davidson said that Foxx was lucky he was laying down because his first reaction was to sit up and “bust him in his mouth, saying, ‘What the f–k, motherf–ka!’” He felt Foxx did it to be funny, but he wasn’t amused.

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It didn’t end there, Foxx continued to poke at him while shooting the film “Booty Call.” During a friendly basketball game, Foxx rushed Tommy, almost causing an injury. He said, “If I had hit my head on the hardtop concrete, that would have been the end of me. I was ready to give Jamie some street-fighting lessons too, but the crew pulled us off each other and held me back.”

Living in Color is set to be released on January 28th.